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Statistics Canada produces a variety of interactive visualization tools that present data in a graphical form. These tools provide a useful way of interpreting trends behind our data on various social and economic topics.

Frequency: Monthly
Available formats: HTML
TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Food Services and Drinking Places SalesFebruary 21, 2020More information
Consumer Price Index Data Visualization ToolFebruary 19, 2020More information
Annual demographic estimates, census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations: Interactive dashboardFebruary 13, 2020More information
Labour Market Indicators, by province and census metropolitan area, seasonally adjustedFebruary 7, 2020More information
Labour Market Indicators, by province, territory and economic region, unadjusted for seasonalityFebruary 7, 2020More information
The International Trade ExplorerFebruary 5, 2020More information
Canada's population clock (real-time model)December 19, 2019More information
Quarterly demographic estimates, provinces and territories: Interactive dashboardDecember 19, 2019More information
Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB) Interactive Application: MobilityDecember 16, 2019More information
Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB) Interactive Application: Economic OutcomesDecember 16, 2019More information
Financial accounts on a from-whom-to-whom basis, selected financial instrumentsDecember 13, 2019More information
Pension satellite account: Interactive toolDecember 13, 2019More information
Overview of the industrial capacity utilization rate: Interactive toolDecember 11, 2019More information
Securities statisticsDecember 10, 2019More information
Labour market outcomes for college and university graduates: Interactive toolDecember 4, 2019More information
Canadian Survey on Disability, 2017: Data Visualization ToolDecember 3, 2019More information
Infrastructure Statistics HubNovember 29, 2019More information
Statistics on full-time academic teaching staff at Canadian universities: Interactive toolNovember 25, 2019More information
Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey: Interactive ToolNovember 25, 2019More information
Correctional services statistics: Interactive dashboardNovember 19, 2019More information
Courts statistics: Interactive dashboardNovember 19, 2019More information
Activities of Multinational Enterprises: Interactive ToolNovember 18, 2019More information
New Motor Vehicle Registrations Data Visualization ToolNovember 18, 2019More information
Residential Property Price Index Data Visualization ToolNovember 14, 2019More information
Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Interactive toolNovember 7, 2019More information
Gross domestic product (GDP) by industry, provinces and territories: Interactive toolNovember 7, 2019More information
Estimated gross annual earnings and student debt of postsecondary graduates in Canada: Interactive toolNovember 5, 2019More information
Housing Data ViewerOctober 30, 2019More information
Canadian Internet Use Survey Data Visualization ToolOctober 29, 2019More information
Wholesale and Retail Services Price Indexes: Interactive ToolOctober 24, 2019More information
Elementary-secondary school enrolments: Interactive toolOctober 24, 2019More information
Persistence and graduation of postsecondary students aged 15 to 19 years in Canada: Interactive toolOctober 18, 2019More information
Canadian Community Crime TrackerOctober 4, 2019More information
Trade in Goods by Exporter and Importer Characteristics: Interactive ToolSeptember 18, 2019More information
Public Elementary and Secondary Education Financial Statistics: Interactive toolSeptember 12, 2019More information
New Housing Price Index: Interactive DashboardSeptember 12, 2019More information
Transportation Statistics: Interactive DashboardSeptember 9, 2019More information
Tuition fees for degree programs: Interactive toolSeptember 4, 2019More information
Characteristics of research and development in Canadian industryAugust 26, 2019More information
Retail Commodity Survey Data Visualization ToolJuly 12, 2019More information
Income of men and women, sub-provincial regions, T1 Family File: Interactive tool July 11, 2019More information
Sources of family income by family type, sub-provincial regions, T1 Family File: Interactive tool July 11, 2019More information
Energy statistics: Interactive dashboardJune 6, 2019More information
Housing Market IndicatorsDecember 13, 2018More information
The Agriculture Stats HubNovember 29, 2018More information
Labour market experiences of First Nations people living off reserve, Métis and Inuit, Canada, 2017: Methods used to look for work, reasons for difficulty finding work, and things that would help find workNovember 26, 2018More information
Cyber Security and Cybercrime in Canada, 2017October 15, 2018More information
Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite AccountOctober 12, 2018More information
2016 Census appAugust 24, 2018More information
Aluminum and Steel - ARCHIVEDJune 6, 2018More information

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