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17-10-0005-01 Population estimates on July 1st, by age and sex

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The estimates contained in this dashboard are based on 2016 Census counts adjusted for census net undercoverage and incompletely enumerated Indian reserves, to which are added data from the population growth estimates for the period from May 10, 2016, to the date of the estimate. The data presented cover the period from 1971 to the most recent year.


Age as of July 1.
Average age
The average age of a population is the average age of all its members.
All people aged 100 and older in a given year.
Persons aged 15 to 64 per person aged 65 and older
The sum of the persons aged 15 to 64 compared to the population aged 65 and older.
Estimated population and population according to the census are both defined as being the number of Canadians whose usual place of residence is within that area, regardless of where they happened to be on Census Day. Also included are any Canadians staying in a dwelling in that area on Census Day and having no usual place of residence elsewhere in Canada, as well as those considered non-permanent residents.
Sex ratio
The ratio of the number of men to the number of women. This ratio is usually expressed as an index, with the number of females taken to be a base of 100.
Unless otherwise specified, the term “year” refers to the period beginning July 1 of a given year and ending June 30 of the following year.
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The Annual Demographic Estimates: Canada, Provinces and Territories (91-215-x) is now available to know more about the topic.
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