Financial and Employment Statistics for Enterprises, by Province, Territory and Region: Data Visualization Tool

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The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following listed data tables:

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To produce provincial-level estimates of the Annual Financial and Taxation Statistics (AFTS) financial variables, data that is available at the statistical enterprise level is allocated to the business’s various establishments and locations.

The information used to derive the allocation factors comes in general from two main sources: profile variables on the BR; and administrative data from the Canada Revenue Agency T4 Supplemental file, which provides the distribution of salaries by province and territory. Together, these data are used to compile two sets of factors: revenue factors and employment factors. They show, respectively, the share of the enterprise’s total revenue or employment belonging to each of its operating entities.

The published provincial AFTS estimates were allocated using the employment allocation factors, which were found to produce more stable estimates than the revenue allocation factors.

The employment variable is derived from the Canadian Productivity Accounts (CPA) which produces annual data on jobs. The number of jobs provided represents those from the corporate sector and have been aggregated to align with the Annual and Financial Taxation Statistics industry groupings. The corporate sector combines the business establishments of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes 11-81, with the exception of owner-occupied dwellings industry. The corporate sector also excludes self-employed jobs, the government sector, and household sector.

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