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The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following data table:

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Users should exercise caution when comparing average prices over time. Factors such as product rotation, quality and quantity changes, and shifting consumer preferences can contribute to price differences from one month to another. Users should also use caution when comparing average prices across different provinces, because of variations in brands, quality and size among geographic areas.

Average retail prices are available by province in Table 18-10-0245-01 Monthly average retail prices for selected products.

With the release of data for the January 2024 reference month, table 18-10-0245-01 has been updated to incorporate data from additional grocery retailers, increasing the sample of price data used in the calculation of monthly average prices. This enhancement expands the coverage and improves the quality of the data, while ensuring the representativeness of prices paid by Canadian consumers. Users should continue to exercise caution when comparing average prices over time and when interpreting the 1-month change for January 2024 and the 12-month change for the next 12 months.

The Methodological Supplement for the Monthly Average Retail Prices Table provides more information on the collection and interpretation of these data.

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