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The dashboard presents selected data from the Rural Canada Non-Profits (RCNP) database to provide an accurate and relevant overview of active Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in Canada. Active NPOs are organizations active for the full or partial duration of the considered reference year and reporting revenues and/or employment.

The RCNP database includes the counts, revenues and the number of their employees for NPOs in Canada for the 2019 and 2020 reference years. Data is provided by industry in accordance with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), by International Classification of Non-Profit Organizations (ICNPO) and by geographical classification as feasible: by provinces/territories, by Census Subdivision (CSD) and the distinction of rural and small town/urban location of organizations.

Uncolored census subdivisions have no available data or their data was suppressed related to disclosure control requirements. Businesses counts values equal to ('0') represents a rounded value between 1 and 3, inclusive, that has been rounded down.

The RCNP database is based on data obtained from Statistics Canada’s Business Register (BR) database. The BR is a comprehensive list of businesses in Canada. It contains such information for businesses as address, non-profit/for-profit status, industry, as well as their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) filings and tax returns data, including revenues and employment. BR data are updated on a monthly basis. NPOs retained for the RCNP database were active during the considered reference year and reported revenues or employment.

Rural and small town area and urban area flags are based on Statistics Canada's Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 using the postal code of the business address. All Census Subdivisions (CSDs) and their regional aggregates outside Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA)/Census Agglomerations (CA) are classified as "Rural and small town areas", regional aggregates inside CMA/CA are classified as "Urban areas", and “All areas” is for rural and small town and urban areas combined.

For further details, please see RCNP metadata and user-guide and the accompanying analysis Non-profits organizations in rural and small town Canada, 2021.

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