Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey: Interactive Tool

Data Visualization: 71-607-X2019030

Description: This dashboard highlights the latest data and the data over time back to 1993 for the Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey (MWTS). The MWTS provides information on the performance of the wholesale trade sector and is an important indicator of the health of the Canadian economy, when combined with other statistics.

With this tool, users can explore current and historical trends of sales and inventories for all subsectors. As for sales, users can also examine the data for provinces and territories. Key indicators such as sales and inventories, monthly changes and inventories-to-sales ratios are presented in interactive charts. The ten highest sales by industry for the current month, as well as the chained dollar versus current dollar sales comparison are also illustrated.

The interactive tool also allows users to rank subsectors, either nationally or provincially, based on their total of monthly sales. Quality indicators are accompanied for the data as well.

Issue Number: 2019030
Frequency: Monthly
Author(s): Landry, Brandon; Laroche, Richard
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HTMLMarch 15, 2024