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The Rural Data Viewer presents data that is relevant to rural and small town areas from multiple sources. The Rural Data Viewer displays data from the following sources:

Data sources

  • The data sources and specifications used for each ProximityRST measure are described in the description of each variable. Note that services and amenities beyond a set distance threshold of a reference DB are not included in the measure of that DB. Dissemination blocks with no value for a service are those with no instance of that service within the distance threshold. For Note to readers, see The Daily.
  • The data product of small area estimates on opportunities of working remotely is developed from modeling Statistics Canada’s data including Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (record number 5318), Business Register (record number 1105), and 2021 Census of Population (record number 3901). For Note to readers, see The Daily.
  • The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Regional and Community-level Database (the database) is a custom dataset constructed with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) microdata and other administrative data sources available within Statistics Canada.
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