Canadian Apprenticeship Registrations and Certifications


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Registered Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS)

The Registered Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS) is the foremost source of information on apprentices in Canada. On an annual basis, the RAIS produces cross-sectional statistics on registrations in apprenticeship programs and certifications in trades.

Reference Period

The reference period for the annual RAIS file is the calendar year.


To protect the confidentiality of the population of interest, counts and amounts are randomly rounded.


Registered apprentices
Individuals in a supervised work training program in a designated trade within their provincial or territorial jurisdiction. The apprentice must be registered with the appropriate governing body (usually a ministry of education or labour, or a trade-specific industry governing body) to complete the training.
Already registered
Number of registrations carried forward from the previous calendar year
New Registrations
Occur when individuals newly register in an apprenticeship training program during the reference period.
Registrations by people who had left an apprenticeship program in a specific trade in a previous year and had returned to the same apprenticeship program during the reporting period.
In order to work unsupervised in a number of trades in Canada, it is necessary to be a certified journey person. Requirements for obtaining such a designation vary widely across jurisdictions as well as across the trades themselves. In most instances, apprentices become certified journeypersons after completing such requirements as supervised on-the-job training, technical training as well as passing one or more examinations.
Trade Qualifiers
People who have worked in a specific trade for an extended period of time, without necessarily having ever been an apprentice, and who have received certification from a jurisdiction, usually done via a skills assessment examination in the trade.
Red Seal Trades
These programs have common standards to assess the skills of tradespersons across Canada in specific trades, referred to as the Red Seal trades. Tradespersons who pass examinations to meet the Red Seal standards receive a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial or territorial trade certificates.
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