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The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following listed data tables:

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Additional information

This interactive data visualization tool extracts estimates from the Agriculture Taxation Data Program (ATDP) at the national and provincial levels for the years 2015 to the current.

The tool presents estimates on farm operating revenues, farm operating expenses, net operating income and number of farms. Information is broken down by reference year, geography, farm type, revenue class, estimate type, and estimate category.

Users can use the different variables to compare or analyze the components of farm operating revenues and expenses over time, geography, farm type, and revenue class.

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The Agriculture Taxation Data Program is an annual census of tax filer records. For more information about the ATDP, please consult the page outlining the methodology of this statistical program: Agriculture Taxation Data Program.

The Agriculture Stats Hub presents additional integrated agriculture data. These data are available at the following link: Agriculture Data Visualization Tools.

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