Quarterly Non-Profit Institutions Economic Account: Interactive tool

Data Visualization: 71-607-X2022009

Description: The quarterly satellite account of non-profit institutions and volunteering provides a snapshot of the non-profit sector with key statistics of gross domestic product, income, outlays and employment. The satellite account is an extension of the contributions to the overall gross domestic product, with data categorized by non-profit institutions serving businesses, households and governments. The satellite account also provides a breakdown of current dollar non-profit institutions’ gross domestic product and employment for individual activities, such as health care, education and research, social services, and other activities. This interactive tool facilitates easy access to the numerous data sets in this satellite account. The tool highlights the latest results with a time-series overview of non-profit institutions by sector and activity.
Issue Number: 2022009
Frequency: Quarterly
Author(s): Landry, Brandon; Nsiala, Yves
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HTMLMarch 28, 2024

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