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The data used to create this interactive web application are from the following listed data tables:

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Additional information

The Energy statistics: Interactive dashboard provides a comprehensive picture of the Canadian energy sector with a focus on monthly and provincial statistics. Users will find an extensive coverage of energy statistics from a variety of Statistics Canada data sources. The dashboard currently features energy-related statistics on production and consumption, international trade, employment and gross domestic production. A map is available for users to view data by province or territory.

All the information presented in the Energy statistics: Interactive dashboard is available on Statistics Canada's website. Please refer to the following documentation for more details:

Electricity generation by province

  • Table 25-10-0015-01 Electric power generation, monthly generation by type of electricity
  • Survey 2151 Monthly Electricity Supply and Disposition Survey (MELE)

Trade value of all energy products

  • Table 12-10-0175-01 International merchandise trade by province, commodity, and Principal Trading Partners (x 1,000)
  • Survey 2201 Canadian International Merchandise Trade (Customs Basis)

Crude oil and natural gas statistics

  • Table 25-10-0063-01 Supply and disposition of crude oil and equivalent
  • Table 25-10-0055-01 Supply and disposition of natural gas, monthly (data in thousands) (x 1,000)
  • Survey 2198 Crude Oil and Natural Gas (MCONG)

National energy sector’s employment and GDP

  • Table 38-10-0285-01 Natural resources satellite account, indicators (x 1,000,000)
  • Table 36-10-0103-01 Gross domestic product, income-based, quarterly (x 1,000,000)
  • Survey 1901 National Gross Domestic Product by Income and by Expenditure Accounts (IEA)

More energy data is published each month in The Daily - Energy.

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