Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index: Data Visualization Tool


The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following data table:

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Additional information

The Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index (AESPI) is a quarterly series that measures changes over time in the prices of architectural, engineering, surveying and mapping services. Architectural services are divided into two categories, Architectural and Landscape Architectural services. Surveying and mapping services are delineated into Geophysical and Non-Geophysical categories.

Reference period: The time period for which the AESPI equals 100; currently this is the year 2018.

With each release, data for the previous quarter may have been revised. The index is not seasonally adjusted.

Due to revisions, the displayed percentage change values from past quarters could vary from those in The Daily texts. The values displayed in this interactive tool are the most up-to-date.

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