Canadian Internet Use Survey Data Visualization Tool

Data Visualization: 71-607-X2019017


This web application provides access to data from the 2018 Canadian Internet Use Survey. This dynamic application allows users to obtain data on the use of Internet services and technologies by Canadians in 2018. The data is supplemented by household characteristics such as age, gender, household income quartile, highest level of education completed and some geographical detail (e.g. province). Among the indicators used in this interactive application to describe the use of Internet-related services and technologies are Internet use and intensity of use, percentage of online shoppers and their average expenditure by type of good and services purchased and percentage of Internet users who have taken measures to protect themselves from Internet security and privacy related incidents.

Issue Number: 2019017
Author(s): Minnema, Nicole; Garneau, Karine; Doucet, Monique
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HTMLOctober 29, 2019