Statistics on full-time academic teaching staff at Canadian universities: Interactive tool


The data used to create this interactive web application is from the following data table:

Table 37-10-0077-01 Number and median age of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities, by highest earned degree, staff functions, rank, sex
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Data are from the Full-time: University and College Academic Staff System (FT-UCASS). Information is collected as of October 1st of the academic year.

Total rank does not include rank or level below assistant professor and other (not elsewhere classified).

For the years 2011/2012 to 2015/2016, it includes only institutions that have finalized their data with Statistics Canada and estimates for those institutions that did not.

All counts with 3 or less observations are suppressed for confidentiality purposes.

Figures may not add up to the totals due to rounding.


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