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Business (financing) credit
Includes all term loans, mortgages, credit cards and lines of credit provided to businesses in Canada.
Refers to the 6 month period beginning January 1st (Period 1) or July 1st (Period 2) of each year.
Supplier type
The type of financial institutions and/or financial intermediaries that provide financing to businesses.
Value of credit outstanding
The principal amount of money that all business accounts have actually borrowed but not yet paid back.
Value of disbursements (term credit)
the total dollar value of all funds supplied to business accounts for a particular instrument type.

About SSBF

The Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing is the result of a commitment made in 1999 by the Government of Canada to improve the information available about the financing businesses in Canada. Data are collected from the major suppliers of business financing in Canada including domestic banks and other banks, credit unions and caisse populaires, finance companies (including some Government Business Enterprises), portfolio managers, and insurance companies. Business clients are classified by three variables: authorization level, type of instrument used and industry grouping.

Suppliers are included in target population when the enterprise, or one of its establishments, has a two-digit NAICS code in 52 and the enterprise is incorporated and for-profit. Unincorporated and non-profit enterprises are excluded.

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