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Additional information

The interactive tool presents information on activities of multinational enterprises at the international and national level. At the international level, users can see the importance of foreign multinationals on the Canadian economy as well as the similar role of Canadian multinationals in foreign economies, by country. At the national level, information on activities of multinational enterprises in Canada are included, by type of multinationals, province and industry. Activities include a number of selected variables such as number of enterprises, number of jobs, assets, operating revenues, international merchandise trade and gross domestic product.

Geospatial sources: ESRI, DeLorme Publishing Company, Inc., GADM

Tool Specifications

The “Canada” tab includes information for the corporate sector only. This excludes organizations operating in the institutional sectors of general government, households and non-profit institutions serving households.

On the “International” tab, the affiliates of Canadian multinationals outside of Canada also include those who are ultimately controlled by foreign enterprises.

Number of enterprises is only available for select countries.

When multiple countries are selected and one or more of the data points are suppressed or missing, only countries for which data are available are included in the results. Therefore, use caution when interpreting these results.


A foreign multinational is an enterprise operating in Canada that is majority owned by a foreign enterprise. On this tool, the country of ownership is measured on an ultimate basis, the country where final ownership resides.

Canada (round-tripping) refers to enterprises operating in Canada which have an immediate foreign parent, but are ultimately controlled by a Canadian enterprise.

A Canadian multinational is an enterprise based in Canada that majority owns at least one foreign enterprise. The “International” tab presents data on their activities outside Canada. The “Canada” tab presents their activities within Canada.

The multinational concept includes both the multinational enterprise itself, as well as any majority owned subsidiaries that it controls.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is measured at basic prices. GDP is also known as value added.

Symbol legend

.. : data are not available for a specific reference period
x : suppressed to meet the confidentiality requirements of the Statistics Act

For more information related to Canadian multinational enterprises outside of Canada, see survey number 1539. For definitions, data sources and methods related to multinational enterprises in Canada, see survey number 5230.

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