Insights on Canadian Society

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This publication brings together and analyzes a wide range of data sources in order to provide information on various aspects of Canadian society, including labour, income, education, social, and demographic issues, that affect the lives of Canadians.

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TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2021001April 8, 2021
Completion of a college certificate or diploma after a bachelor's degreeApril 8, 2021More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2020001December 9, 2020
Factors associated with the completion of apprenticeship training in CanadaDecember 9, 2020More information
The experiences and needs of older caregivers in CanadaNovember 24, 2020More information
Use of e-money transfer methods: Lessons from the Study on International Money Transfers from CanadaOctober 2, 2020More information
Persistent overqualification among immigrants and non-immigrantsSeptember 2, 2020More information
Trends in student debt of postsecondary graduates in Canada: Results from the National Graduates Survey, 2018August 25, 2020More information
Work-integrated learning during postsecondary studies, 2015 graduatesMay 25, 2020More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Education and labour market integration of Black youth in CanadaFebruary 25, 2020More information
Support received by caregivers in CanadaJanuary 8, 2020More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2019001December 10, 2019
Results from the 2016 Census: Housing, income and residential dissimilarity among Indigenous people in Canadian citiesDecember 10, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Examining the effect of public pension benefits on the low income of senior immigrantsDecember 3, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Education and labour market successes and challenges for children of immigrant parentsNovember 15, 2019More information
Does reading proficiency at age 15 affect employment earnings in young adulthood?October 17, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: English-French bilingualism among Canadian children and youthOctober 3, 2019More information
Upgrading and high school equivalency among the Indigenous population living off reserveSeptember 19, 2019More information
Homeownership, mortgage debt and types of mortgage among Canadian familiesAugust 8, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Occupations with older workersJuly 25, 2019More information
Debt and financial distress among Canadian familiesJune 26, 2019More information
The role of social capital and ethnocultural characteristics in the employment income of immigrants over timeJune 19, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Commuting within Canada’s largest citiesMay 29, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Earnings of immigrants and children of immigrants in official language minority populationsMay 15, 2019More information
Persistence and representation of women in STEM programsMay 2, 2019More information
Debt and assets among senior Canadian familiesApril 3, 2019More information
The labour force in Canada and its regions: Projections to 2036March 20, 2019More information
Living alone in CanadaMarch 6, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Long commutes to work by carFebruary 25, 2019More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Syrian refugees who resettled in Canada in 2015 and 2016February 12, 2019More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2018001December 17, 2018
Harassment in Canadian workplacesDecember 17, 2018More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Aboriginal languages and the role of second-language acquisitionDecember 7, 2018More information
The association between job flexibility and job satisfactionDecember 4, 2018More information
Preparing the social statistics system for the legalization of cannabisOctober 12, 2018More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Is field of study a factor in the payoff of a graduate degree?September 26, 2018More information
Life satisfaction among Canadian seniorsAugust 2, 2018More information
Fertility rates and labour force participation among women in Quebec and Ontario July 18, 2018More information
Workers looking for a new jobJuly 11, 2018More information
Recent changes in the composition of minimum wage workersJune 13, 2018More information
Women and men who experienced cyberstalking in CanadaJune 5, 2018More information
Results from the 2016 Census: Work activity of families with children in CanadaMay 15, 2018More information
Association between the frequency of cannabis use and selected social indicatorsMay 3, 2018More information
A day in the life: How do older Canadians spend their time?March 21, 2018More information
Long-term job vacancies in CanadaFebruary 20, 2018More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2017001December 6, 2017
Getting your foot in the door: A look at entry-level job vacancies in CanadaDecember 6, 2017More information
Early motherhood among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit womenDecember 1, 2017More information
Linking labour demand and labour supply: Job vacancies and the unemployedNovember 1, 2017More information
Childhood physical abuse: Differences by birth cohortSeptember 20, 2017More information
Low income among persons with a disability in CanadaAugust 11, 2017More information
The impact of aging on labour market participation ratesJune 14, 2017More information
Young men and women without a high school diploma May 4, 2017More information
Labour market outcomes of graduates from universities in the Maritime provincesApril 11, 2017More information
Association between breastfeeding and select chronic conditions among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit children in CanadaMarch 20, 2017More information
Food insecurity among Inuit living in Inuit NunangatFebruary 1, 2017More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2016001December 19, 2016
Cyberbullying and cyberstalking among Internet users aged 15 to 29 in CanadaDecember 19, 2016More information
Co-op participation of college and bachelor’s graduatesDecember 7, 2016More information
Hidden homelessness in CanadaNovember 15, 2016More information
Understanding the increase in voting rates between the 2011 and 2015 federal electionsOctober 12, 2016More information
Overqualification, skills and job satisfactionSeptember 14, 2016More information
The Canada–U.S. gap in women’s labour market participationAugust 17, 2016More information
Women in scientific occupations in CanadaJune 24, 2016More information
Diversity of young adults living with their parentsJune 15, 2016More information
Literacy and numeracy among off-reserve First Nations people and Métis: Do higher skill levels improve labour market outcomes?May 18, 2016More information
Living arrangements of Aboriginal children aged 14 and under - ARCHIVEDApril 13, 2016More information
Financial literacy and retirement planning - ARCHIVEDMarch 23, 2016More information
Gender differences in the financial knowledge of Canadians - ARCHIVEDMarch 23, 2016More information
The contribution of immigration to the size and ethnocultural diversity of future cohorts of seniors - ARCHIVEDMarch 9, 2016More information
The association between skills and low income - ARCHIVEDFebruary 24, 2016More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2015001 - ARCHIVEDDecember 17, 2015
Language practices of children in Francophone families living outside Quebec - ARCHIVEDDecember 17, 2015More information
International students who become permanent residents in Canada - ARCHIVEDDecember 10, 2015More information
Regional differences in the educational outcomes of young immigrants - ARCHIVEDNovember 18, 2015More information
Recent changes in demographic trends in Canada - ARCHIVEDOctober 27, 2015More information
Political participation and civic engagement of youth - ARCHIVEDOctober 7, 2015More information
Differences in the location of study of university-educated immigrants - ARCHIVEDSeptember 15, 2015More information
Employment patterns of families with children - ARCHIVED June 24, 2015More information
Changes in wealth across the income distribution, 1999 to 2012 - ARCHIVEDJune 3, 2015More information
Participation in extracurricular activities and high school completion among off-reserve First Nations people - ARCHIVEDMay 13, 2015More information
Changes in debt and assets of Canadian families, 1999 to 2012 - ARCHIVEDApril 29, 2015More information
The local unemployment rate and permanent retirement - ARCHIVEDApril 22, 2015More information
Diversity of grandparents living with their grandchildren - ARCHIVEDApril 14, 2015More information
Senior care: Differences by type of housing - ARCHIVEDFebruary 25, 2015More information
Employer pensions and the wealth of Canadian families - ARCHIVEDJanuary 15, 2015More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2014001 - ARCHIVEDDecember 18, 2014
New facts on pension coverage in Canada - ARCHIVEDDecember 18, 2014More information
Persons with disabilities and employment - ARCHIVEDDecember 3, 2014More information
University graduates with lower levels of literacy and numeracy skills - ARCHIVEDNovember 4, 2014More information
Canadians with unmet home care needs - ARCHIVEDSeptember 9, 2014More information
The ups and downs of minimum wage - ARCHIVEDJuly 16, 2014More information
The migration of infrastructure tradespersons - ARCHIVEDJune 5, 2014More information
Living arrangements of children in Canada: A century of change - ARCHIVEDApril 29, 2014More information
Changes in the occupational profile of young men and women in Canada - ARCHIVEDApril 2, 2014More information
Overqualification among recent university graduates in Canada - ARCHIVEDApril 2, 2014More information
Emerging trends in living arrangements and conjugal unions for current and future seniors - ARCHIVEDFebruary 24, 2014More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2013001 - ARCHIVED December 18, 2013
Gender differences in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM) programs at university - ARCHIVEDDecember 18, 2013More information
Long term trends in unionization - ARCHIVEDNovember 26, 2013More information
Understanding public-private sector differences in work absences - ARCHIVEDSeptember 19, 2013More information
Family caregiving: What are the consequences? - ARCHIVEDSeptember 10, 2013More information
What has changed for young people in Canada? - ARCHIVEDJuly 4, 2013More information
The evolution of English-French bilingualism in Canada from 1961 to 2011 - ARCHIVEDMay 28, 2013More information
Employment changes across industries during the downturn and recovery - ARCHIVEDApril 4, 2013More information
Living apart together - ARCHIVEDMarch 5, 2013More information
Consumption of culture by older Canadians on the Internet - ARCHIVEDJanuary 30, 2013More information
Insights on Canadian Society, 2012001 - ARCHIVEDDecember 4, 2012
How many years to retirement? - ARCHIVEDDecember 4, 2012More information