Insights on Canadian Society

Results from the 2016 Census: Education and labour market integration of Black youth in Canada

by Martin Turcotte

Release date: February 25, 2020

Using integrated 2006 and 2016 census data, this study examines the education and labour market integration outcomes of a recent cohort of young Black Canadians. Specifically, this study examines the link between the characteristics of the youth and their families when they were living with their parents (in 2006), and their education and labour market outcomes 10 years later (in 2016).

Support received by caregivers in Canada

by Darcy Hango

Release date: January 08, 2020

Many Canadians are providing care or help to someone with a long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability, or problems related to aging. Support given to caregivers may help alleviate potential economic and health-related implications of caregiving. This study uses the 2018 General Social Survey – Caregiving and Care Receiving (Cycle 32) to examine the types of support provided to caregivers. It also examines the relationship between unmet support needs and some indicators of well-being.

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