Analysis in Brief

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The papers published in the Analysis in Brief analytical series shed light on current economic issues. Aimed at a general audience, they cover a wide range of topics including National Accounts, business enterprises, trade, transportation, agriculture, the environment, manufacturing, science and technology, services, etc.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, PDF
TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Multinational enterprises in CanadaApril 1, 2019More information
Where did Vancouverites Go to Shop in 2016?: A Snapshot of Vancouver Retail Store Sales by Shopping Centre TypeSeptember 12, 2017More information
Inflation in Atlantic Canada fuelled more by oil-linked productsJune 23, 2017More information
Local Manufacturing Data: A longitudinal analysis of manufacturing sales and employment for Canada’s largest CMAsNovember 14, 2016More information
Retail E-Commerce in CanadaNovember 14, 2016More information
Wholesale Trade: The Year 2015 in ReviewSeptember 26, 2016More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2014 in Review September 2, 2015More information
Retail: The Year 2014 in ReviewAugust 4, 2015More information
Performance of oil and gas field machinery manufacturingFebruary 3, 2015More information
Retail: The Year 2013 in ReviewDecember 17, 2014More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2013 in ReviewSeptember 22, 2014More information
2002-2012: A Decade of Change in Canadian Manufacturing Exports - ARCHIVEDMarch 19, 2014More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2012 in Review - ARCHIVEDSeptember 9, 2013More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2011 in Review - ARCHIVEDAugust 3, 2012More information
An Overview of the Lumber Industry in Canada, 2004 to 2010 - ARCHIVEDJanuary 19, 2012More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2010 in Review - ARCHIVEDJune 20, 2011More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2009 in Review - ARCHIVEDJune 24, 2010More information
Housing Market Prices in Canada: The Year 2009 in Review - ARCHIVEDJune 17, 2010More information
Consumer Price Inflation by Frequency of Purchase - ARCHIVEDJune 9, 2010More information
Producer Prices: The Year 2009 in Review - ARCHIVEDMay 20, 2010More information
Legal and Accounting Services: A Profile - ARCHIVEDDecember 2, 2009More information
Indebtedness and Liquidity of Non-financial Corporations - ARCHIVEDNovember 17, 2009More information
Age of Education Infrastructure: Recent Trends - ARCHIVEDSeptember 3, 2009More information
Retailers Competing for Market Share: 2008 Retail Sales - ARCHIVEDJuly 31, 2009More information
Wholesale Trade: The Year 2008 in Review - ARCHIVEDMay 5, 2009More information
Retail Trade: How the Provinces Fared in 2008 - ARCHIVEDMay 1, 2009More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2008 in Review - ARCHIVEDApril 29, 2009More information
Consumer Prices: The Year 2008 in Review - ARCHIVEDMarch 23, 2009More information
Retailers Competing for Market Share: 2007 Retail Sales in Review - ARCHIVEDJuly 31, 2008More information
Consumer Prices: The Year 2007 in Review - ARCHIVEDJune 26, 2008More information
Wholesale Trade: The Year 2007 in Review - ARCHIVEDMay 29, 2008More information
Retail Trade: How the Provinces Fared in 2007 - ARCHIVEDMay 26, 2008More information
Federal Public Service Retirements: Trends in the New Millennium - ARCHIVEDMay 9, 2008More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2007 in Review - ARCHIVEDApril 29, 2008More information
New Motor Vehicle Sales: 2007 in Review - ARCHIVEDApril 23, 2008More information
Age of Public Infrastructure: A Provincial Perspective - ARCHIVEDFebruary 13, 2008More information
Employment Trends in the Core Public Administration: A Geographical Profile - ARCHIVEDJanuary 10, 2008More information
Christmas Shopping: 2006 in Review - ARCHIVEDDecember 6, 2007More information
International Trade by the Information and Communication Technologies Sector - ARCHIVEDNovember 26, 2007More information
Science and Engineering PhDs: A Canadian Portrait - ARCHIVEDOctober 24, 2007More information
Heavy Fuel Oil Consumption in Canada - ARCHIVEDSeptember 6, 2007More information
Female Employment in the Core (Federal) Public Administration - ARCHIVEDSeptember 4, 2007More information
Retailers Competing for Market Share: 2006 Retail Sales in Review - ARCHIVEDJuly 25, 2007More information
Retail Trade: How the Provinces Fared in 2006 - ARCHIVEDJune 27, 2007More information
The Canadian Lumber Industry: Recent Trends - ARCHIVEDJune 7, 2007More information
Wholesale Trade: The Year 2006 in Review - ARCHIVEDMay 10, 2007More information
New Motor Vehicle Sales: 2006 in Review - ARCHIVEDApril 23, 2007More information
Employment Trends in the Federal Public Service - ARCHIVEDMarch 5, 2007More information
National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses 2005: Provincial Profiles - ARCHIVEDDecember 11, 2006More information
Gift Cards: The Gift of Choice - ARCHIVEDDecember 4, 2006More information
Research and Development for New Energy Technologies in the Private Sector - ARCHIVEDNovember 30, 2006More information
From the Vine to the Glass: Canada's Grape and Wine Industry - ARCHIVEDOctober 16, 2006More information
Competing for the Retail Drug Market - ARCHIVEDSeptember 18, 2006More information
Boom Times: Canada's Crude Petroleum Industry - ARCHIVEDSeptember 11, 2006More information
Death of a Spouse: The Impact on Income for Senior Men and Women - ARCHIVEDJuly 10, 2006More information
Manufacturing: The Year 2005 in Review - ARCHIVEDJune 28, 2006More information
An Analysis of the Transportation Industry in 2005 - ARCHIVEDJune 14, 2006More information
Review of Non-residential Construction in 2005 - ARCHIVEDMay 23, 2006More information
An Analysis of Consumer Prices in 2005 - ARCHIVEDMay 17, 2006More information
Foreign Banks in the Canadian Market - ARCHIVEDMay 3, 2006More information
Between the Producer and Retailer: A Review of Wholesale Trade for 2005 - ARCHIVEDApril 28, 2006More information
Canadian Retailers Competing for the Consumer's Food Dollar - ARCHIVEDApril 11, 2006More information
The Dynamics of Overqualification: Canada's Underemployed University Graduates - ARCHIVEDApril 6, 2006More information
Feeding the Dragon: Canadian Exporters and a Booming China - ARCHIVEDMarch 14, 2006More information
Canada's Private Colleges: The Lesser Known Players in Postsecondary Education - ARCHIVEDFebruary 17, 2006More information
The Age of Public Infrastructure in Canada - ARCHIVEDJanuary 30, 2006More information
Christmas Shopping: A Provincial Perspective - ARCHIVEDDecember 7, 2005More information
How Business-to-business Sales Dominate E-commerce - ARCHIVEDNovember 16, 2005More information
Provincial Retail Trade Since the Turn of the Millennium - ARCHIVEDOctober 17, 2005More information
Chronic Unemployment: A Statistical Profile - ARCHIVEDSeptember 6, 2005More information
Does Inflation Vary with Income? - ARCHIVEDJune 17, 2005More information
Gift Cards: A Win-win Way to Give - ARCHIVEDMay 24, 2005More information
Is Inflation Higher for Seniors? - ARCHIVEDMay 17, 2005More information
Too Many Trucks on the Road? - ARCHIVEDMay 13, 2005More information
Wholesalers: A Key Link in Canada's Economy - ARCHIVEDApril 27, 2005More information
Manufacturing in 2004: Year-end Review by Province - ARCHIVEDApril 25, 2005More information
Federal Personal Income Tax: Slicing the Pie - ARCHIVEDApril 22, 2005More information
Canada, a Big Energy Consumer: A Regional Perspective - ARCHIVEDMarch 23, 2005More information
Stretching or Shrinking? The Textile and Clothing Industries in Canada - ARCHIVEDMarch 21, 2005More information
Canadian Direct Investment in 'Offshore Financial Centers' - ARCHIVEDMarch 14, 2005More information
Sport Utility Vehicles: Driving Change - ARCHIVEDFebruary 16, 2005More information
Consumer Holiday Shopping Patterns - ARCHIVEDDecember 9, 2004More information
The Pumpkin: A Growing Vegetable - ARCHIVEDOctober 28, 2004More information
Earnings of Highly and of Less Educated Couples in the Canadian Labour Market, 1980 to 2000 - ARCHIVEDOctober 13, 2004More information
Broadband Internet: Removing the Speed Limit for Canadian Firms - ARCHIVEDSeptember 27, 2004More information
Widowhood: Consequences on Income for Senior Women - ARCHIVEDJuly 22, 2004More information
The Soaring Loonie and Prices: Lower Inflation for Consumers? - ARCHIVEDJune 24, 2004More information
Cross-border Acquisitions: A Canadian Perspective - ARCHIVEDMay 25, 2004More information
On the Move with Homebuyers: Shopping for Furniture - ARCHIVEDMay 13, 2004More information
The Performance of Interprovincial and International Exports by Province and Territory Since 1992 - ARCHIVEDMarch 5, 2004More information
Information and Communication Technology Use: Are Small Firms Catching up? - ARCHIVEDFebruary 23, 2004More information
Mad Cow Disease and Beef Trade: An Update - ARCHIVEDFebruary 18, 2004More information
Diamonds: Adding Lustre to the Canadian Economy - ARCHIVEDJanuary 13, 2004More information
Christmas: Consumers' Season - ARCHIVEDDecember 11, 2003More information
A New Look: Retail Clothing Sales in Canada - ARCHIVEDNovember 12, 2003More information
Mad Cow Disease and Beef Trade - ARCHIVEDNovember 5, 2003More information