Where did Vancouverites Go to Shop in 2016?: A Snapshot of Vancouver Retail Store Sales by Shopping Centre Type

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This study examines the role that retailers in shopping centres played in the CMA of Vancouver in 2016. The Canadian retail sector has undergone a major transformation in the past ten years with the development of online shopping. Many store based retailers have adopted an omni channel distribution strategy, creating their own e-commerce retail sites, while maintaining a physical store front presence. As one part of this strategy, many store based retailers are continuing to maintain their store fronts at shopping centres. In addition, shopping mall owners are trying to encourage more foot traffic at their malls by rebranding the shopping experience by offering entertainment services and additional food options. As a consequence, information on the sales of retailers located at shopping centres is becoming more important for both shopping centres developers and urban planners.

Issue Number: 2017104
Author(s): Olineck, Carey

Main Product: Analysis in Brief

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