Canadian Agriculture at a Glance

Journals and periodicals: 96-325-X

Description: This publication features short and accessible analytical articles that delve further into key findings and emerging trends identified in Census of Agriculture and other data sources related to agriculture. Subjects of analysis include matters related to farm land, crops, livestock, farm finances, technology, the environment and the farm population, as well as other economic and social aspects of Canada’s agriculture industry. Analytical articles are written in plain language and are intended to be a valuable source of information for a broad audience, including policy analysts, students, researchers, agricultural operators, the media and the public at large.
Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, PDF, Paper (discontinued)
TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Canadian Agriculture at a Glance, Census year 2021March 7, 2024
The socioeconomic portrait of the Indigenous farm population in Canada, 2021March 7, 2024More information
A closer look at dairy goat farming in OntarioJanuary 30, 2024More information
The farm operator gender pay gap is narrowingDecember 8, 2023More information
A story about the diversity of Canada’s farm operatorsOctober 27, 2023More information
Canada’s farms integrate renewable energy production and technologies toward a future of sustainable and efficient agricultureMay 17, 2023More information
Canada's farms were more profitable in 2020 than in 2015March 16, 2023More information
Canada’s farms are adjusting the ways they sell their products to consumersFebruary 9, 2023More information
Female farm operator numbers increase for the first time in 30 yearsNovember 23, 2022More information
Comparing Canada’s agriculture with other developed nations: Japan, the United Kingdom and the United StatesOctober 20, 2022More information
Vegetable and melon farms make up the biggest share of farms in Newfoundland and Labrador June 15, 2022More information
Prince Edward Island leads the way in potato production June 15, 2022More information
Lowbush blueberries, apples, mink and poultry play a large role in Nova Scotia farming June 15, 2022More information
New Brunswick leads Atlantic Canada in maple taps and lowbush blueberriesJune 15, 2022More information
Quebec continues to be the main force behind maple, blueberries, cranberries, dairy cows and pigs June 15, 2022More information
Ontario is an agricultural powerhouse that leads in many farming categoriesJune 15, 2022More information
Manitoba has the highest proportion of young farm operators in CanadaJune 15, 2022More information
Saskatchewan continues to live up to the title of breadbasket of CanadaJune 15, 2022More information
Alberta has the highest farm operating revenues in Canada June 15, 2022More information
Mushroom, greenhouse and highbush blueberry farming play pivotal role in British ColumbiaJune 15, 2022More information
Small-scale diversified farming prominent in Yukon and the Northwest TerritoriesJune 15, 2022More information
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