Statistics on Income of Farm Families - ARCHIVED

Tables: 21-207-X


This publication provides information on sources and levels of farm and off-farm income for farm families by province, type of farm (based on the North American Industry Classification System) and farm typology (based on age of operator, dependence on farm revenues and income level).

Distributional tables on income of farm families are also presented. This publication also includes data highlights and information on concepts, methods and data quality. A relevant article on the story emanating from the data is also featured.

Data from Canada Revenue Agency's income tax returns of farm families operating a single unincorporated farm provide the statistical basis for this publication.


This publication, along with the publications Statistics on revenues and expenses of farms (21-208-XIE) and Statistics on income of farm operators (21-206-XIE), replace the former Statistics Canada publication Farm and off-farm income statistics (21-019-XIE).

Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML, PDF

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