Farm Data for the 2001 Census of Agriculture (Initial Release) - ARCHIVED

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This product presents basic counts and totals for all 2001 Census of Agriculture farm variables, including number and type of farms; crop, horticulture and land use areas; land management practices; numbers of livestock and poultry; organic farming; computer use; farm machinery and equipment; farm capital; and farm operating expenses and receipts. It provides a comprehensive picture of the agriculture industry across Canada.
These data from the initial release of the 2001 Census of Agriculture are available at the Canada, province, territory, census agricultural region (CAR) and census division (CD) levels.
This product replaces the series of eight Agricultural Profile publications (one for Canada, one for the Atlantic Provinces, and one for each of the other six provinces) produced for the 1996 Census of Agriculture.

Frequency: Every 5 years
Available formats: HTML

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