Statistics on Revenues and Expenses of Farms

Tables: 21-208-X


This publication provides detailed financial information on farm-level revenues, expenses and net operating income by province, type of farm (based on the North American Industry Classification System) and revenue class. Information on the degree of specialization for selected farm types and financial performance indicators of farms by province and by type of farm are also presented.

This publication also includes data highlights and information on concepts, methods and data quality. A relevant article on the story emanating from the data is also featured.

Data from Canada Revenue Agency's income tax returns of unincorporated and incorporated farms provide the statistical basis for this publication.


This product has been discontinued as of June 26th 2012. The latest issue of this publication was Statistics on Revenues and Expenses of Farms 2010. Other data tables are available free of charge through CANSIM: tables 002-0044 to 002-0063 and in the Summary tables section (free).

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Semi-annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF (discontinued)

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