1991 Aboriginal Peoples Survey - Adults Microdata File - ARCHIVED

Public use microdata: 89M0013X


This public use microdata file provides unaggregated data on the Aboriginal adult population - those who identify with their Aboriginal origin(s) and those who do not. For persons who identify, it contains almost 700 variables from the 1991 survey, such as, the group with which they identify, language proficiency, disability, chronic health conditions, schooling, work experience and the 1991 Census variables such as, income levels, marital status, fertility. The same census variables are provided for the population who does not identify.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: Tape/Cassette (discontinued), CD-ROM
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1991 Aboriginal Peoples Survey - Adults Microdata File, 1991001 - ARCHIVEDJune 30, 1995More information

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