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  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 92-392-G

    This guide presents the census concepts related to schooling and major field of study and describes the evolution of the different issues that concern these concepts. The guide also deals with the comparability of the 2001 Census data on schooling and major field of study with those of previous censuses.

    Release date: 2004-11-23

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 75F0002M1995009

    This paper describes the derived variables for educational attainment and educational activity from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics.

    Release date: 1995-12-30

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 3852
    Description: The data obtained from this survey will be useful to the Alberta government in manpower planning and in forecasting future demands on universities and community colleges in that province. In other words, the provincial government needs to determine how skilled the workforce is in order to assess the potential population to be served by universities and community colleges.
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