Business adaptation and adjustment

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  • Stats in brief: 11-001-X202333123725
    Description: Release published in The Daily – Statistics Canada’s official release bulletin
    Release date: 2023-11-27

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2023013
    Description: Using data from the goods and services tax (GST) sales and payroll deduction (PD7) files, this study looks at preliminary revenue and salary and wage expense estimates for the culture, arts, entertainment and recreational services sectors in 2022. These sectors comprise businesses operating in the motion picture, sound recording, publishing, performing arts, spectator sports and related industries, as well as the amusement and recreation industries. This study provides information by industry on the return to life after the pandemic shutdowns in 2020 and partial closures and restrictions in 2021.
    Release date: 2023-08-22

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2023010
    Description: Canada is a modern, industrialized nation with abundant resources and a small domestic market, making international trade an important component of its economy. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses faced tremendous challenges, ranging from interrupted production and supply chain disruptions to rapid shifts in demand and elevated commodity prices.

    From the beginning of April to early May 2023, Statistics Canada conducted the Canadian Survey on Business. Data were collected from exporters in Canada on the obstacles they expect to face over the next three months as well as perceptions of their competitiveness when exporting to various regions. The findings are presented in this article.
    Release date: 2023-06-20

  • Articles and reports: 13-605-X202300100001
    Description: With the emergence of COVID-19, Canadian governments at all levels adopted policy initiatives to address the financial challenges faced by businesses. The policies were broad in both scope and variety and altogether represented billions of dollars in support.

    This article examines these programs including the characteristics of recipients using preliminary data from the Canadian COVID-19 Business Support Measures Database (CCBSM), a standardized set of data covering government support programs for businesses.

    Release date: 2023-01-19

  • Stats in brief: 45-28-0001202200100012

    The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic motivated many Canadian businesses to change their business models in order to adapt to economic restrictions and greater demand for online goods and services. Using data from the 2019 and 2021 Survey of Digital Technology and Internet Use, this article examines selected changes in the e-commerce strategies of Canadian businesses during the pandemic.

    Release date: 2022-11-29

  • Articles and reports: 36-28-0001202200700001

    As the labour market recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative to assess which strategies Canadian employers plan to use over the next few months to cope with labour scarcity. This study documents the strategies that private sector businesses expecting labour shortages at the beginning of 2022 plan to use during that year to deal with personnel recruitment, retention and training. The study also investigates the degree to which businesses’ plans to offer telework and flexible scheduling varies across industries.

    Release date: 2022-07-27

  • Stats in brief: 11-001-X202220835684
    Description: Release published in The Daily – Statistics Canada’s official release bulletin
    Release date: 2022-07-27

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2022014

    With the easing of pandemic restrictions and consumers embracing leisure activities, a recovery took place in the culture, arts, entertainment and recreation sectors. This study looks at preliminary operating revenue estimates and labour-related expenses for those sectors in 2021.

    Release date: 2022-07-27

  • Stats in brief: 45-28-0001202100100014

    This study examines businesses' demand for personal protective equipment, and concerns about lack of supply, using new data for February 2021 from the Personal Protective Equipment Survey.

    Release date: 2021-04-19

  • Articles and reports: 36-28-0001202100300002
    Description: Using the newly developed experimental series on monthly business openings and closures, this article examines the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on employment in the Canadian business sector and—in particular—the extent to which businesses that were active in February 2020 increased or decreased their employment since February. It also examines these impacts by business size.
    Release date: 2021-03-24
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Reference (5) ((5 results))

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 96-328-M2004012
    Geography: Geographical region of Canada

    This activity is designed to show students some of the changes affecting Prairie agriculture over the past 100 years, and how Prairie farmers have adapted to them.

    Release date: 2004-08-30

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 2936
    Description: This survey was sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 5001
    Description: This survey is being conducted to measure the extent to which knowledge management practices are used or will be used by Canadian businesses.

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 5095
    Description: The survey mandate is to collect and benchmark vital information on the business incubator sector of the Canadian economy. The information is critical in assessing the business incubator sector and in developing programs to support them.

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 5171
    Description: Statistics Canada has undertaken this survey to provide statistical information on the strategic decisions, innovation activities and operational tactics used by Canadian enterprises. The survey also collects information on the involvement of enterprises in global value chains.
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