Manitoba Postsecondary Graduates from the Class of 2000: How Did They Fare? - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 81-595-M2005029


The system of postsecondary education in Manitoba plays an important role in the social and economic health of the province. Colleges and universities strive to meet the lifelong learning needs of Manitobans and to ensure the availability of individuals with the right skills to support a growing and changing economy.

This report uses data from the National Graduates Survey (Class of 2000) and asks who are the graduates of Manitoba's universities and colleges, what do they do after graduation, and how well do they integrate into the labour market? In particular, the report provides a portrait of the graduates from Manitoba's postsecondary institutions, analyses the mobility of students and graduates into and out of the province, looks at graduates' outcomes in the work force, and examines the student debt load of graduates. In addition, the report includes a special analysis of Aboriginal graduates.

Issue Number: 2005029
Author(s): Vaillancourt, Chantal
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PDFMay 18, 2005