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  • Articles and reports: 62F0014M2023002
    Description: This article presents the data sources and methodology for the Couriers and Messengers Services Price Index (CMSPI). The CMSPI measures the monthly change in the price of shipping services provided to households and businesses by delivery companies in Canada. The index is an indicator of economic activity within the courier and messenger services industry, as well as a tool that can be utilized by the industry for cost monitoring, contract assessment and benchmark comparisons.
    Release date: 2023-02-27

  • Stats in brief: 45-28-0001202000100038

    This article presents an impact analysis and 2020 outlook for the Couriers and messenger services price index (CMSPI) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Release date: 2020-06-30

  • Journals and periodicals: 50-002-X

    This service bulletin presents summary information, timely financial and operating statistics and analysis (time series, charts, special tabulations, etc.) covering bus, urban transit, courier and local messengers industry, taxi and limousine services industry and marine transportation.

    Release date: 2012-07-04

  • Articles and reports: 63F0002X1999024

    In recent years, Canada's economy has continued to become more service-based. This shift is particularly evident when examining information by sector for Canada's workforce. This paper offers a descriptive historical overview of changes in employment and remuneration in the services sector during the 1984-97 period. Changes in full-time employment, part-time employment, self-employment, and average wages and salaries are noted.

    As well, particular attention is devoted to shifts in these indicators for such service industries as: finance, insurance and real estate services; business services; food and beverage services; communication services; amusement and recreation services; and traveler accommodation services.

    Release date: 1999-06-17

  • Articles and reports: 63-016-X19980034328
    Geography: Canada

    To supplement the Services Indicators tables that regularly carry employment and remuneration data on six broad services industries for the most recent eight quarters, this section offers an historical overview of these same indicators, compiled annually, dating back to 1984. Employment shifts in these six industries from 1984 to 1997 are described, followed by detailed tables that quantify some aspects of services sector employment.

    Release date: 1999-01-15

  • Stats in brief: 63-016-X19980013844
    Geography: Canada

    This brief descriptive article takes a glance at changes in the output levels for various major service industry groups and some specific service industries within these groups. The major service industry groups to be examined here include: communications; finance, insurance and real estate; business services; traveler accommodation and food services; and leisure and personal services. These are the same industry groupings for which quarterly data are regularly presented in the latter half of this publication.

    Release date: 1998-07-10
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