Farm Data and Farm Operator Data (Full Release) for the 2001 Census of Agriculture Plus Selected Historical Data - ARCHIVED

Tables: 95F0302X


This product presents basic counts and totals for all 2001 Census of Agriculture farm variables, including number and type of farms; crop, horticulture and land use areas; land management practices; numbers of livestock and poultry; organic farming; computer use; farm machinery and equipment; farm capital; and farm operating expenses and receipts. It provides a comprehensive picture of the agriculture industry across Canada. It depicts the men and women who make the day-to-day management decisions on Canadian farms. The farm operator variables include number of farm operators, age, sex, residence status, farm and non-farm work and farm-related injuries. This product also presents selected historical farm and farm operator data for Canada and the provinces.
The geographic levels presented include Canada, the provinces/territories, census agricultural regions (CAR), census divisions (CD) and the census consolidated subdivisions (CCS). The CCS level is the lowest level of geography available in standard tabulations.

Frequency: Every 5 years
Available formats: HTML