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Wool disposition and farm value


(Released: 2024-04-19)

Number of employees in the agriculture sector


(Released: 2024-04-18)

Farm product prices

February 2024

(Released: 2024-04-09)

Farm operating revenues and expenses


(Released: 2024-03-28)

Dairy statistics

January 2024

(Released: 2024-03-27)

Poultry and egg statistics

March 2024

(Released: 2024-03-27)

Milled wheat and wheat flour produced

February 2024

(Released: 2024-03-25)

Deliveries of major grains

February 2024

(Released: 2024-03-25)

Oilseed crushing statistics

February 2024

(Released: 2024-03-25)

Crushing statistics of major oilseeds, Canada and United States


(Released: 2024-03-13)

Area, production and farm value of potatoes, by harvest season, United States


(Released: 2024-03-13)

Fertilizer Shipments Survey

second quarter 2023/2024

(Released: 2024-03-13)

Principal field crop areas


(Released: 2024-03-11)

Forage seed usage


(Released: 2024-03-07)

Farm Product Price Index

December 2023

(Released: 2024-03-05)

Cattle and calves, number by class and calf crop, United States

January 1, 2024

(Released: 2024-03-05)

Farm cash receipts

January to December 2023

(Released: 2024-02-29)

Livestock estimates

January 1, 2024

(Released: 2024-02-23)

Fruit and vegetable production


(Released: 2024-02-16)

Balance sheet of the agricultural sector

December 31, 2022 (revised data)

(Released: 2024-02-15)

Chicken production


(Released: 2024-02-13)

Small area data on field crops


(Released: 2024-02-13)

Stocks of frozen and chilled meats

January 1, 2024

(Released: 2024-02-12)

Stocks of principal field crops

December 31, 2023

(Released: 2024-02-08)

Total income of farm families


(Released: 2024-01-26)

Transition to permanent residency and retention of temporary foreign workers in accommodation and food services and food manufacturing

(Released: 2024-01-24)

Canadian potato production

2023 (revised data)

(Released: 2024-01-23)

Maple products


(Released: 2023-12-12)

Production and value of honey


(Released: 2023-12-12)

Production of principal field crops

November 2023

(Released: 2023-12-04)

Farm income

2022 (revised data)

(Released: 2023-11-28)



(Released: 2023-11-24)

Food Price Data Hub

(Released: 2023-11-07)

Agricultural Water Survey


(Released: 2023-10-17)

Farm Management Survey: Livestock


(Released: 2023-10-13)

National supply and disposition of major grains


(Released: 2023-10-10)

Model-based principal field crop estimates

August 2023

(Released: 2023-09-14)

Census of Environment: A framework for agroecosystem accounting

(Released: 2023-09-13)

Survey on Local Food and Beneficial Management Practices


(Released: 2023-09-05)

The socioeconomic snapshot of Canada's evolving farm population


(Released: 2023-08-25)

Certified organic fruit and vegetable production estimates


(Released: 2023-07-13)

Mushroom Growers' Survey


(Released: 2023-06-29)

Crop Condition Assessment Program

April 10 to May 28, 2023

(Released: 2023-06-08)

Food availability


(Released: 2023-05-31)

Milled wheat and wheat flour produced, Canada and United States


(Released: 2023-05-15)

Grain Supply Chain Dashboard: Real-time Grain Movement by Rail

(Released: 2023-05-11)

Greenhouse, sod and nursery industries


(Released: 2023-04-25)

More Canadians are finding it difficult to meet food, shelter and other necessary expenses

(Released: 2023-03-07)

Farm Financial Survey


(Released: 2023-02-24)

Open Database of Greenhouses

(Released: 2023-02-02)

Cannabis production data


(Released: 2022-11-17)

Beef prices through the supply-chain

(Released: 2022-09-02)

Canada's 2021 Census of Agriculture: A closer look at farming across the regions

(Released: 2022-06-15)

Agriculture and agri-food labour statistics

(Released: 2022-06-13)

Rising prices are affecting the ability to meet day-to-day expenses for most Canadians

(Released: 2022-06-09)

Canada's 2021 Census of Agriculture: A story about the transformation of the agriculture industry and adaptiveness of Canadian farmers

(Released: 2022-05-11)

Guide to the Census of Agriculture


(Released: 2022-04-14)

Looking forward: Preparing for the release of results from the 2021 Census of Agriculture

(Released: 2022-02-22)

Taking stock of the farms located in the flooded regions of British Columbia

(Released: 2021-12-07)

Supply and disposition of hogs in Canada using PigTRACE estimates

(Released: 2021-11-04)

Production and value of ranch-raised pelts

2019 and 2020

(Released: 2021-10-28)

Launch of Rural Canada Statistics Portal

(Released: 2021-08-03)

Impacts of the drought on crop quality indicators

(Released: 2021-07-29)

Canada's food supply chains: Beef products

(Released: 2021-07-29)

Studies: French-speaking workers in Atlantic Canada, Western Canada and the territories' agriculture and agri-food industries in 2006 and 2016

(Released: 2021-03-22)

Study: English-speaking workers in Quebec's agriculture and agri-food industries in 2006 and 2016

(Released: 2021-03-01)

Canada's Agriculture Day: Celebrating the work of farmers with statistics

(Released: 2021-02-23)

Study: French-speaking workers in Ontario's agriculture and agri-food industries in 2006 and 2016

(Released: 2021-01-25)

Understanding crops in Canada: New visualization tool and infographic

(Released: 2021-01-12)

Study: COVID-19 and the Beef Supply Chain: an Overview

(Released: 2020-11-17)

2021 Census of Agriculture questionnaire now published

(Released: 2020-07-20)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Economic Account


(Released: 2020-06-30)

Food insecurity before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

2017/2018 and May 2020

(Released: 2020-06-24)

Agricultural sector workers from the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

2016, 2017 and 2018

(Released: 2020-03-24)

Study: A Statistical Glance at the Recent History of Farm Income

(Released: 2019-11-12)

Environment Fact Sheets: Household food consumption and Canadian greenhouse gas emissions


(Released: 2019-10-09)

Infographic: Thanksgiving: Around the harvest table

(Released: 2019-10-09)

2021 Census of Agriculture Content Consultation Report

(Released: 2019-10-02)

Infographic: A burst of summer flavours: Fruits and vegetables

(Released: 2019-08-26)

Canadian Agriculture at a Glance

census year 2016

(Released: 2019-07-03)

Maple syrup: Nature's gold

(Released: 2019-04-05)

Exports of grains by final destination

December 2018

(Released: 2019-03-12)

StatCan Blog: Reducing response burden imposed on farmers and businesses

(Released: 2019-01-21)

The socioeconomic portrait of Canada's evolving farm population


(Released: 2018-11-27)

Study: Effects of the crop reporting cycle on field crop statistics

2008 to 2018

(Released: 2018-11-08)

Food Stats

(Released: 2018-08-03)

Census of Agriculture and Tax Linkage Data


(Released: 2018-06-22)

Total income of farm operators


(Released: 2018-03-29)

Selected historical data from the Census of Agriculture


(Released: 2017-12-11)

Annual Greenhouse, Sod and Nursery Survey, historical data revisions

2011 to 2016

(Released: 2017-11-22)

150 years of Canadian agriculture

(Released: 2017-06-27)

2016 Census of Agriculture: Growing opportunity through innovation in agriculture

(Released: 2017-06-21)

2016 Census of Agriculture: Farmers are adapting to evolving markets

(Released: 2017-06-14)

2016 Census of Agriculture: Leveraging technology and market opportunities in a diverse horticulture industry

(Released: 2017-06-07)

2016 Census of Agriculture: Seeding decisions harvest opportunities for Canadian farmers

(Released: 2017-05-31)

2016 Census of Agriculture: Production efficiency and prices drive trends in livestock

(Released: 2017-05-24)

2016 Census of Agriculture: A portrait of a 21st Century agricultural operation

(Released: 2017-05-17)

2016 Census of Agriculture

(Released: 2017-05-10)

2016 Census of Agriculture advisory

(Released: 2017-05-04)

Study: Changes in Canadians' preferences for milk and dairy products

1960 to 2015

(Released: 2017-04-21)

Fall rye and winter wheat seeded areas

fall 2016

(Released: 2016-12-08)

Study: Irrigation methods and conservation practices on Canadian farms


(Released: 2016-07-08)

Canadian Megatrends: Let's talk honey

(Released: 2016-04-27)

Study: Agriculture and wildlife: A two-way relationship


(Released: 2015-03-30)

Grain storage capacity

December 31, 2014

(Released: 2015-02-19)

Farm and farm operator data


(Released: 2014-11-17)

Study: Agriculture in Canada

(Released: 2014-11-13)

Agriculture value added account

2011 and 2012

(Released: 2014-03-17)

Socioeconomic overview of the farm population


(Released: 2013-11-27)

Farm Environmental Management Survey


(Released: 2013-10-09)

The Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Survey


(Released: 2013-05-06)

Supply and disposition of grains in Canada

August 2011 to July 2013

(Released: 2013-02-05)

North American comparative data on agriculture

2003 to 2011

(Released: 2012-09-24)

Cereals and oilseeds review

June 2012

(Released: 2012-08-24)

Placement of hatchery chicks and turkey poults

April 2012 (preliminary data)

(Released: 2012-06-01)

2011 Census of Agriculture

(Released: 2012-05-10)

Hog inventories

April 1, 2012

(Released: 2012-04-26)

Stocks of frozen eggs and poultry meats and edible dried egg products

April 1, 2012 (preliminary data)

(Released: 2012-04-23)

Production of poultry and eggs

February 2012 (preliminary data)

(Released: 2012-04-23)

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