Agriculture–Population Linkage Data

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This product presents selected data from the linkage between the Census of Agriculture and the Census of Population at the national and provincial levels. It provides a socioeconomic profile of the farm population at the person, family, household and farm levels and includes variables such as age, sex, marital status, country of birth, mother tongue, educational attainment and income.


 Agriculture–Population Linkage databases have been created since 1971.

Agriculture–Population Linkage databases were not created for 1976 and 2011. For 2011, a linkage between the Census of Agriculture and the National Household Survey was performed instead. Caution must be exercised when Agriculture–National Household Survey Linkage data are compared to those of the Agriculture–Population Linkage. Users are asked to read the data quality notes about the Agriculture–National Household Survey Linkage. 

The 2016 Agriculture–Population Linkage and the 2011 Agriculture–National Household Survey Linkage exclude collective dwellings. Caution must be exercised when performing historical comparisons.

Frequency: Every 5 years
Available formats: HTML, PDF (discontinued)

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