Profile for Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2006 Census - ARCHIVED

Profiles of a community or region: 94-581-X2006004


Using 2006 Census data, this profile provides a statistical overview of the income and earnings, and housing and shelter costs variables, as well as all other variables that have already been released, for census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations.

In the census product line, groups of variables, such as this one, are referred to as release components of profiles. These are made available with the major releases of variables of the census cycle, starting with age and sex. Together, they will form a complete cumulative profile of all the variables for each level of geography, plus one cumulative profile for the dissolved census subdivisions.

Starting with the age and sex major day of release, and on major days of release thereafter, profile component data will be available for particular topics at the Canada, province and territory, census division and census subdivision levels, at the census metropolitan area, census agglomeration and census tract levels, and at the federal electoral district (based on the 2003 Representation Order) level. Profile component data for all other standard areas, including dissemination areas, urban areas, designated places and forward sortation areas, will be available approximately four weeks after the major days of release.

This table is available free on the Internet, Catalogue no. 94-581-XWE2006004.

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