Doctoral graduates in Canada 2004/2005 - ARCHIVED

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Highly-qualified personnel are an important component of Canada's labour market. Doctoral graduates form the new generation of professors that teach advanced courses at colleges and universities, playing a key role in the transmission of up-to-date knowledge to students. They contribute to research and development in the public and private sectors, generating new knowledge and innovations that contribute to international competitiveness and economic growth. Doctoral graduates also contribute to the social and political spheres of life by offering insights into the functioning of individuals and societies. Given the importance of this segment of postsecondary graduates, it is important to have information about their characteristics, fields of study and plans following graduation. Such information is collected by the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). This article summarizes the key findings of that report, including trends in the number of doctoral graduates and their fields of study, the number of foreign students who are doctoral graduates, the amount of time it takes to complete a PhD degree, and employment plans following graduation, including their plans to move abroad.

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Author(s): McMullen, Kathryn
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