Income of Families

Service: 13C0016


Annual information is available on census families (couple families and lone-parent families) and persons not in census families.

Data for families may be requested by age group of family members, number and age of children, average family size, total family income range by age or by number of children, sources of family income, economic dependency, low income families, after-tax income, single-earner and dual-earner families and wife's contribution to total husband-wife employment income. Statistics on persons not in census families provide details on age group, income group and sources of income. The statistics are derived primarily from the annual tax file provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Data for couple families, lone-parent families and persons not in census families can be requested beginning in 1990. The latest data (2019) can be requested for Canada, provinces and territories, federal electoral districts, economic regions, census divisions, census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations, census tracts and certain postal geographies.

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