Production, income and outlay accounts of non-profit institutions (x 1,000,000)

Frequency: Annual

Table: 36-10-0613-01

Geography: Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Production, income and outlay accounts of non-profit institutions (x 1,000,000).
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Canada (map)
Non-profit institutions serving households (community non-profits)
Current prices
Gross output42,36043,59945,39148,33250,600
Intermediate purchases18,51718,72219,48721,54822,783
Gross domestic product at basic prices23,84324,87725,90426,78427,817
Wages, salaries, and supplementary labour income22,21223,11624,07424,96825,997
Taxes less subsidies on factors of production275285298309345
Capital consumption allowances1,3561,4761,5321,5071,475
Other operating surplus00000
Sales of goods and services15,93116,77316,81617,35718,110
Membership fees (non-profit institutions serving business)00000
Investment income2,2302,9863,2793,0062,766
Current transfers34,05134,16834,19135,73744,324
Current transfers from households15,11215,25915,24715,18020,778
Current transfers from households: membership fees6,1276,1116,4376,7229,201
Current transfers from households: donations8,9859,1488,8108,45811,577
Current transfers from businesses and other institutions12,9503,0233,5403,3653,456
Current transfers from governments15,98915,88615,40417,19220,090
Current transfers from federal government3,4423,4163,5324,0384,569
Current transfers from provincial governments10,85910,77610,11511,27913,339
Current transfers from local governments1,6881,6941,7571,8752,182
Gross current expenditure on goods and services42,36043,59945,39148,33250,600
Current transfers to other sectors10,35911,28711,08511,08711,152
Saving (income less outlay)-507-959-2,190-3,3193,448


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