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Thematic maps (2)

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  • Thematic map: 38-20-0001

    This series presents environmental data and information using maps and graphics. It will include thematic maps linked to the report Human Activity and the Environment (16-201-X), as well as maps and other graphic visual representations of information related to environmental accounts, environmental surveys and other research related to environmental statistics.

    Release date: 2022-01-25

  • Thematic map: 38-20-00012021001
    Description: This product provides thematic maps associated with Human Activity and the Environment, 2021, covering various aspects of ecosystem accounts, including ecosystem extent and condition. The maps are based on the principles of ecosystem accounting and use multiple datasets from a variety of sources.
    Release date: 2022-01-25
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Data Visualization (41)

Data Visualization (41) (0 to 10 of 41 results)

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2020006
    Description: This interactive tool allows for custom manipulation and visualization of wealth data sourced from the Distributions of Household Economic Accounts. By clicking within the tool, you will be able to filter, highlight and select various wealth and wealth indicator items by distribution category.

    This product  is released on a quarterly basis.

    Release date: 2024-07-17

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2023022
    Description: The Canadian Economic Tracker presents selected monthly indicators from Statistics Canada's Common Output Database Repository (CODR) to highlight interrelated dynamics within the Canadian economy.
    Release date: 2024-07-11

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2022011
    Description: The National Culture Indicators Dashboard is an interactive tool that provides access to current and historical quarterly data on culture and sport Gross Domestic Product (GDP), output and jobs. The National Culture Indicators are an extension of the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account and the Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators. The tool allows users to compare data on culture and sport, in Canada, by domains and subdomains.
    Release date: 2024-06-27

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2018013
    Description: The infrastructure economic accounts represents a set of statistical statements that record the economic, social and environmental impacts related to the production and use of infrastructure in Canada and each province and territory. The infrastructure economic accounts are organized using a statistical framework that outlines the concepts, classification systems and methods required to construct the accounts. This statistical framework is consistent with the Canadian system of national accounts, Canadian government finance statistics and Canada's balance of payments. This consistency permits users to analyze the infrastructure related statistical statements in the context of economy wide measures such as investment, gross domestic product (GDP), national income and wealth.
    Release date: 2024-06-14

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2018015
    Description: Quarterly national balance sheet, financial flows, and other changes in assets accounts data presented in a from-whom-to whom basis for selected financial instruments.
    Release date: 2024-06-13

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2019004
    Description: Quarterly statistics on issues and holdings of securities. Data presented by numerous dimensions including sector, currency, original maturity, type of interest rate and market of issuance. Definitions, concepts and presentations used are consistent with the recommendations of the Handbook on Securities Statistics, an internationally agreed framework for classifying these instruments.
    Release date: 2024-06-07

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2019029
    Description: The industrial capacity utilization rate is the ratio of actual output to potential output. Data are published quarterly and cover all goods-producing industries, with the exception of the agriculture industry. The visualization model shows rates, quarterly changes, and year-over-year changes for manufacturing industries.
    Release date: 2024-06-07

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2021015
    Description: The Gross Domestic Product by Income and by Expenditure Accounts record the production of goods and services in the economy, the incomes arising from this production, expenditures on production and the resulting saving (dissaving) and investment. This interactive tool facilitates easy access to the numerous data sets in these accounts. The tool highlights the latest results with time series for certain components.
    Release date: 2024-05-31

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2019024
    Description: With this interactive tool, users can see the changes in Gross domestic product (GDP) at basic prices over time, at the provincial and territorial levels, using a detailed approach by industry as defined by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 version 3.0. GDP by industry at basic prices is a measure of the economic production of Canada’s provinces and territories. The values in the visualization tool are presented as percent change in chained (2017) dollars and by contributions to the percentage change, by selected industries. For more information on this program, please see Gross Domestic Product by Industry - Provincial and Territorial (Annual). As a supplement to the GDP by industry data, please also consult the following visualization product: Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Interactive tool.
    Release date: 2024-05-01

  • Data Visualization: 71-607-X2023030
    Description: Using data from the Housing Economic Account, this data visualization tool analyzes the flows and stock of residential housing in value, as well as the stock of housing in units. Residential housing flows and stock can be visualized in current and real dollars, by assets (new construction, renovation and transfer cost) and by provinces and territories. In addition, housing flows and stocks can be viewed by sector of activity and type of housing, and the economic impact analysis and social transfers in kind from the public sector are reported.
    Release date: 2024-04-10
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