Coverage (Reference Products: Technical Reports: 1996 Census of Population) - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 92-370-X


Series description

This series includes five general reference products - the Preview of Products and Services; the Catalogue; the Dictionary; the Handbook and the Technical Reports - as well as geography reference products - GeoSuite and Reference Maps.

Product description

Technical Reports examine the quality of data from the 1996 Census, a large and complex undertaking. While considerable effort was taken to ensure high quality standards throughout each step, the results are subject to a certain degree of error. Each report looks at the collection and processing operations and presents results from data evaluation, as well as notes on historical comparability.

Technical Reports are aimed at moderate and sophisticated users but are written in a manner which could make them useful to all census data users. Most of the technical reports have been cancelled, with the exception of Age, Sex, Marital Status and Common-law Status, Coverage and Sampling and Weighting. These reports will be available as bilingual publications as well as being available in both official languages on the Internet as free products.

This report deals with coverage errors, which occured when persons, households, dwellings or families were missed by the 1996 Census or enumerated in error. Coverage errors are one of the most important types of error since they affect not only the accuracy of the counts of the various census universes but also the accuracy of all of the census data describing the characteristics of these universes. With this information, users can determine the risks involved in basing conclusions or decisions on census data.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: PDF, Paper (discontinued)