Labour market experiences of Métis: Key findings from the 2017 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

Articles and reports: 89-653-X2018002


This booklet provides key findings related to labour market experiences of Métis based on data from the 2017 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS). Sections are divided according to labour force status. Among employed Métis, the prevalence of and reasons for part-time employment, self-employment and participation in other labour activities are explored among other aspects. Among unemployed Métis, barriers and facilitators of employment, and means of looking for work are described. Among those not in the labour force, the reasons for non-participation among those who wanted to work, and facilitators to finding work among those expecting to enter the labour force are outlined. Finally, job-related skills and access to job-related training are described.

This booklet also briefly describes how the APS allows deeper exploration of concepts derived from the Census of Population, and broad topics for which data is available from the survey.

Issue Number: 2018002
Author(s): Robertson, Henry
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HTMLNovember 26, 2018
  • Correction: November 27, 2018

    Data Table descriptions for chart 3, entitled ‘Barriers to employment reported by unemployed Métis men and women’ was corrected to remove asterisk from reference group. Data Table descriptions for chart 5, entitled ‘What unemployed Métis aged 15 or older reported would help them most to find a job in 2017’ was corrected to match data presented in chart. Similarly, Data Table descriptions for chart 6, entitled ‘Main reason Métis aged 15 or older were not in the labour force despite wanting to work in 2017’ was corrected to match the data presented in chart 6.In all three cases the corrections were made to the chart data tables in order to match the charts themselves, which remain unchanged.

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