Graduating in Canada: Profile, Labour Market Outcomes and Student Debt of the Class of 2005 - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 81-595-M2009074


This report describes the educational experiences, labour market outcomes and financing of higher education of recent graduates for Canadian postsecondary education institutions using data from the 2007 National Graduates Survey (Class of 2005). The first section describes the characteristics of graduates from college, bachelor, master and doctorate level programs. The second section focuses on experiences after graduation including pursuing further education and labour market activities. Section three presents information on the financing of postsecondary education, its relation to education level and labour market outcomes. The final section focuses on co-operative education and international studies and their relationship with labour market outcomes and student debt.

Issue Number: 2009074
Author(s): Bayard, Justin; Greenlee, Edith-Elizabeth
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