High school graduation and postsecondary enrolment of Black, Latin American and other population groups: What explains the differences?

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Description: Given the large differences in educational attainment observed across non-Indigenous population groups in Canada, understanding when these differences emerge and what may explain them is an important first step in informing policy discussions on the issue. Using the British Columbia kindergarten to Grade 12 dataset, the Postsecondary Student Information System, the 2016 Census of Population, and the T1 Family File tax data, this study follows several cohorts of Grade 9 students in British Columbia over time to explore differences between population groups, by gender, in the probability and timing of high school graduation and enrolment in academic postsecondary programs.
Issue Number: 2024002
Author(s): Bonikowska, Aneta; Handler, Tomasz; Frenette, Marc
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HTMLFebruary 28, 2024
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