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National Cannabis Survey

third quarter 2019

(Released: 2019-10-30)

Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub

(Released: 2019-09-03)

Study: Examining the Incomes of Veterans

(Released: 2019-08-28)

Data tables: Gender Results Framework indicators

(Released: 2019-07-19)

Police-reported violent crimes against young women and girls in Canada's Provincial North and Territories


(Released: 2019-07-04)

Canada, eh! Happy Birthday!

(Released: 2019-06-28)

Canada at a Glance


(Released: 2019-06-24)

Study: The role of social capital and ethnocultural characteristics in the employment income of immigrants over time

(Released: 2019-06-19)

Sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces


(Released: 2019-05-22)

Sports for fun and fitness

(Released: 2019-05-21)

Family matters: New relationships after separation or divorce

(Released: 2019-05-15)

Canadians with a Hearing Disability

(Released: 2019-05-08)

Representation of women on boards of directors


(Released: 2019-05-07)

The population living in shelters: Who are they?

(Released: 2019-04-15)

StatCan Blog: Women-owned businesses in Canada

(Released: 2019-04-03)

Study: How Do Women in Male-dominated Apprenticeships Fare in the Labour Market?

(Released: 2019-03-13)

Family Matters: Long-lasting relationships

(Released: 2019-03-13)

Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution

2007 to 2017

(Released: 2019-03-05)

General Social Survey: An overview


(Released: 2019-02-20)

Family Matters: Couples living apart

(Released: 2019-02-20)

Charitable donors


(Released: 2019-02-08)

Family Matters: Grandparents in Canada

(Released: 2019-02-07)

Female offenders in Canada


(Released: 2019-01-10)

Study: Harassment in Canadian workplaces


(Released: 2018-12-17)

Study: The association between job flexibility and job satisfaction

(Released: 2018-12-04)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The History of Statistics Canada

1970 to 2008

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Shaping a modern and responsive statistical agency for the next century

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Presenting data in new, modern ways

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Fifty years of data tables at Statistics Canada

(Released: 2018-12-03)

The Daily through the years

(Released: 2018-12-03)

A national agency with international reach

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Ivan Fellegi: A statistician who made his mark

(Released: 2018-12-03)

A 100 years and more of statistics acts

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Drug overdose crisis: Socioeconomic characteristics of those dying of illicit drug overdoses in British Columbia

2011 to 2016

(Released: 2018-11-13)

Study: Preparing the social statistics system for the legalization of cannabis

(Released: 2018-10-12)

Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics

(Released: 2018-09-26)

Study: Life satisfaction among Canadian seniors


(Released: 2018-08-02)

Time use: Total work burden, unpaid work, and leisure

(Released: 2018-07-30)

StatCan Blog: Tracking Sustainable Development Goals

(Released: 2018-07-27)

Study: Fertility rates and labour force participation among women in Quebec and Ontario

1996 to 2016

(Released: 2018-07-18)

General Social Survey, Cycle 30: Canadians at Work and Home: Public Use Microdata Files


(Released: 2018-06-13)

Study: Women and men who experienced cyberstalking in Canada


(Released: 2018-06-05)

Study: The Economic Well-being of Women in Canada


(Released: 2018-05-16)

Study: A day in the life: How do older Canadians spend their time?

(Released: 2018-03-21)

One Hundred Years and Counting

(Released: 2018-03-16)

Canadian Megatrends: The evolution of language populations in Canada, by mother tongue

(Released: 2018-02-21)

StatCan Blog: Happy birthday, StatCan!

(Released: 2018-02-09)

General Social Survey: New data


(Released: 2017-12-22)

General Social Survey, Cycle 29: Time Use, 2015: Public Use Microdata Files

(Released: 2017-10-02)

Study: Childhood physical abuse: Differences by birth cohort

(Released: 2017-09-20)

Changes in parents' participation in domestic tasks and care for children from 1986 to 2015

(Released: 2017-06-01)

Study: Women in Canada: Women with Disabilities

(Released: 2017-05-29)

Study: Centre and peripheries: Settlement patterns and social integration of the population with an immigrant background in the Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver metropolitan areas

(Released: 2017-05-08)

Study: Women in Canada: The girl child

(Released: 2017-02-22)

StatCan Blog: Telling Canada's story in numbers

(Released: 2017-01-27)

Study: Hidden homelessness in Canada


(Released: 2016-11-15)

Emergency preparedness and resilience: Community-based fact sheets


(Released: 2016-10-13)

Study: Understanding the increase in voting rates between the 2011 and 2015 federal elections

(Released: 2016-10-12)

Study: The Canada–US gap in women's labour market participation

1997 to 2015

(Released: 2016-08-17)

General Social Survey on Canadians' safety (victimization): Public use microdata file


(Released: 2016-07-27)

Canadian Megatrends: 150 years of immigration

(Released: 2016-06-29)

Employer support of volunteering: Underlying characteristics of participation and presence of support measures


(Released: 2016-06-27)

Study: Women in scientific occupations in Canada

1991 to 2011

(Released: 2016-06-24)

Study: Diversity of young adults living with their parents

1981 to 2011

(Released: 2016-06-15)

Perceptions of police performance in the territories


(Released: 2016-06-13)

Satisfaction with work-life balance: Fact sheet


(Released: 2016-04-14)

Canadians' experiences with emergencies and disasters


(Released: 2016-04-13)

Study: Women in Canada: Senior women

(Released: 2016-03-30)

Study: New facts about financial literacy in Canada


(Released: 2016-03-23)

Canadian Megatrends

March 2016

(Released: 2016-03-21)

Women in Canada: Women and health

(Released: 2016-03-08)

Study: Women in Canada: Visible minority women

(Released: 2016-03-03)

Study: Canadians' perceptions of neighbourhood disorder


(Released: 2016-03-02)

Study: Women in Canada: First Nations, Métis and Inuit women

(Released: 2016-02-23)

Reasons for not voting in the federal election

October 19, 2015

(Released: 2016-02-22)

General Social Survey on Canadians' safety (victimization), territories file


(Released: 2016-01-27)

Study: Charitable giving in Canada


(Released: 2015-12-16)

Study: Public confidence in Canadian institutions

2013 and 2014

(Released: 2015-12-07)

Developmental disabilities among Canadians aged 15 years and older


(Released: 2015-12-03)

Canadian Survey on Disability: Data tables


(Released: 2015-12-03)

General Social Survey: Giving, volunteering and participating: Public use microdata file


(Released: 2015-11-12)

Survey of Emergency Preparedness and Resilience in Canada


(Released: 2015-10-28)

Study: Women in Canada: Immigrant women

(Released: 2015-10-21)

Study: Political participation and civic engagement of youth


(Released: 2015-10-07)

Canadian identity


(Released: 2015-10-01)

Civic engagement and political participation


(Released: 2015-09-14)

Shelters for abused women


(Released: 2015-07-06)

Sense of belonging to Canada, province and local community


(Released: 2015-06-29)

Study: Employment patterns of families with children

1976 to 2014

(Released: 2015-06-24)

Infographic: Proud to be Canadian


(Released: 2015-06-23)

Study: Volunteering in Canada

2004 to 2013

(Released: 2015-06-18)

Study: Trends in social capital in Canada

2003, 2008 and 2013

(Released: 2015-05-20)

Study: Changes in debt and assets of Canadian families

1999 to 2012

(Released: 2015-04-29)

Study: Grandparents living with their grandchildren


(Released: 2015-04-14)

Canadians and nature: Interacting with nature


(Released: 2015-04-14)

Infographic: The faces of volunteers in Canada


(Released: 2015-04-08)

Study: Senior care: Differences by type of housing


(Released: 2015-02-25)

General Social Survey: Giving, volunteering and participating


(Released: 2015-01-30)

General Social Survey: Social identity


(Released: 2014-12-23)

Study: Persons with disabilities and employment

(Released: 2014-12-03)

Canadian society and economy

(Released: 2014-10-29)

General Social Survey on caregiving and care receiving: Public use microdata file


(Released: 2014-08-27)

Study: Occupational profile and overqualification of young workers in Canada

1991 to 2011

(Released: 2014-04-02)

General Social Survey: Caregiving


(Released: 2014-03-31)

Study: Gender differences in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science programs at university

(Released: 2013-12-18)

Study: Caregivers in Canada


(Released: 2013-09-10)

2011 National Household Survey: Immigration, place of birth, citizenship, ethnic origin, visible minorities, language and religion

(Released: 2013-05-08)

General Social Survey on Families


(Released: 2013-04-19)

Study: Social participation of full-time workers


(Released: 2013-04-02)

Violence against women


(Released: 2013-02-25)

Study: Leave practices of parents after the birth or adoption of young children

July 2012

(Released: 2012-07-30)

Canadian Social Trends

(Released: 2012-06-19)

Police service clearance rates

2010 (correction)

(Released: 2012-06-07)

Study: Employer support of volunteering


(Released: 2012-05-17)

Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating


(Released: 2012-05-04)

Study: Volunteering in Canada (previous release)


(Released: 2012-04-16)

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