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The Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer empowers users to discover Statistics Canada’s geo‑enabled data down to the smallest level of detail available, the dissemination area. Users can find, explore then export data in various formats to use in their workflows. Users can also customize the map and change basemaps (satellite imagery, topography, etc.) to view data in a different context.


Statistics Canada is committed to empowering governments, businesses and Canadians alike with the information they need to respond to, and recover from this pandemic. To help, we have identified indicators that may be relevant to the COVID‑19 situation. These indicators have been marked with an asterisk (*) within the selection boxes of the Select Data panel. These indicators will be updated as we identify more to meet stakeholder needs. For information on COVID‑19 cases, please go to Coronavirus disease (COVID‑19).

What’s New: Housing

Over 25,000 new housing indicators are available for you to explore as of October 28th, 2020.

What can I do?

Select data

Search through thousands of Statistics Canada’s indicators from a single screen.

Launch tutorial for Select data

The desktop version of the Explorer tool launches with the 'Select Data' tab open. In the main window, the map shows a default indicator chosen by Statistics Canada.

Style a map

Change the colour, style, breaks or even determine what data is shown on the map.

Launch tutorial for Style a map

The Explorer empowers you to add your style and create your custom maps.

Export data to Excel

Bring data into your workflow. The Explorer allows you to download the tabular data directly in Excel.

Launch tutorial for Export data to Excel

You can download an Excel file of all the data on the map.

Export a map

You can export custom thematic maps into your presentation, report or other workflow.

Launch tutorial for Export a map

Exporting a custom thematic map with our data has never been easier.

Export data to a shapefile

The Explorer allows you to download the geographic data in a shapefile.

Launch tutorial for Export data to a shapefile

Export selected areas on the map as a shapefile.

How can I see some examples?

We have created some examples to show you what you can do with the Explorer. Click on the link below to see a variety of possibilities.

Where can I find other resources?

Illustrated Glossary

The illustrated glossary helps to better understand the geographic concepts used in the Explorer.

Explore the illustrated glossary

This link sends you to the illustrated glossary page.

Boundary files

Download the official cartographic and digital boundary files from Statistics Canada.

Explore the boundary files

This link sends you to the Boundary files page.

How can I provide feedback?

Report a problem on this page

Is something not working? Is there information outdated? Can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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