Canada at a Glance, 2022

Table 24
Farms classified by farm type, Census of Agriculture, 2021
Table summary
This table displays the results of Farms classified by farm type number of farms (appearing as column headers).
number of farms
Total 189,874
Oilseed and grain farming 65,135
Vegetable and melon farming 5,076
Fruit and tree nut farming 7,101
Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production 5,256
Other crop farming 30,510
Beef cattle ranching and farming, including feedlots 39,633
Dairy cattle and milk production 9,403
Hog and pig farming 3,016
Poultry and egg production 5,296
Sheep and goat farming 3,575
Other animal production 15,873

Did you know?

  • In the 2021 Census of Agriculture, 5,658 agricultural operations reported growing organic products, up 31.9% from the previous census.
  • Canadian maple producers harvested 11.3 million gallons of maple syrup in 2021, down 20.9% from 2020.
  • This decline follows two consecutive years of record production and was the result of a shorter maple season, brought on by warm spring temperatures in Canada’s four maple-producing provinces.

Table 25
Characteristics of farm operators, Census of Agriculture, 2021
Table summary
This table displays the results of Characteristics of farm operators 2021, calculated using number of operators units of measure (appearing as column headers).
number of operators
Total 262,455
Male 182,655
Female 79,795
Under 35 years 22,635
35 to 54 years 81,040
55 years and over 158,790
Average age of farm operators 56
Operators with no paid non-farm work 137,170
Operators with paid non-farm work 125,280

Agriculture surveys… in brief

Statistics Canada not only conducts the Census of Agriculture every five years, it also conducts a number of other agricultural surveys. The data from these surveys help to draw a comprehensive, up-to-date portrait of agriculture in Canada. Thank you to all farm operators for participating in our surveys.

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