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  • Articles and reports: 11-010-X201000711321
    Geography: Canada

    Inventory changes dominated the business cycle in the 1960s and 1970s. However, inventories have played little role in the last three recessions, thanks to tighter control of stocks.

    Release date: 2010-07-15

  • Articles and reports: 11-522-X200800010985

    In Canada, although complex businesses represent less than 1% of the total number of businesses, they contribute more than 45% of the total revenue. Statistics Canada recognized that the quality of the data collected from them is of great importance and has adopted several initiatives to improve the quality. One of the initiatives is the evaluation of the coherence of the data collected from large, complex enterprises. The findings of these recent coherence analyses have been instrumental in identifying areas for improvement. These, once addressed and improved, would be increasing the quality of the data collected from the large, complex enterprises while reducing the response burden imposed on them.

    Release date: 2009-12-03

  • Articles and reports: 11-522-X20050019457

    The administrative data project has helped reduce the response burden of small and medium-sized business. We are continuing this work and expanding our objectives to maximize the use of administrative data. In addition, by exploring the single window reporting method, we plan to decrease the response burden of complex enterprises while ensuring consistent data collection. We will have to overcome some major challenges, some of which may be methodological in nature. Let's see what the future holds!

    Release date: 2007-03-02

  • Articles and reports: 21-601-M2006082
    Geography: Province or territory

    The objective of this paper is to analyze the degree of economic diversification or specialization in communities in Northern Ontario between 1981 and 2001 and its relationship to changes in the workforce.

    Release date: 2006-10-05

  • Articles and reports: 56F0004M2002006
    Geography: Canada

    This paper examines the relationship between e-business and firm size.

    Release date: 2002-07-03

  • Articles and reports: 11F0019M2000150
    Geography: Canada

    Using a comprehensive micro-database of Canadian firms in conjunction with industry-level data on commodity flows, we develop a profile of corporate diversification within the Canadian economy. Our analysis has two major objectives.

    First, we decompose corporate diversification into horizontal and vertical components based on the degree to which industries are linked by inter-industry trade flows. Horizontal and vertical decompositions serve as useful proxies for the strategic factors that underlie diversification strategies.

    Our second objective is to ascertain whether diversification patterns are closely associated with certain industry characteristics. Here we consider industry-level factors that are generally posited to affect the level of diversification (e.g., growth, concentration, knowledge-intensity) along with other variables designed to evaluate whether diversified ownership structures are associated with inter-industry commodity flows. Our regression analysis draws on three empirical measures of diversification: first, the amount of total entropy (i.e., diversification) within an industry; second, the average entropy per firm; and last, the percentage of firms within an industry that diversify.

    Release date: 2000-06-16

  • 7. Insights on ... Archived
    Journals and periodicals: 61F0019X
    Geography: Canada

    This on-line product Insights on... is a newsletter from Statistics Canada highlighting trends in business and trade statistics. Using information from the latest Statistics Canada surveys, Insights on... provides factual analysis of emerging trends in Canadian industry, documents what's new in Canadian business, and shows how businesses are responding to the challenges and opportunities posed by new types of business practices - globalization, new technologies, increasingly competitive markets, uncompromising standards of product quality, etc.

    Each edition of Insights on... will deal with one or two topics. Non-technical analysis and user-friendly graphs will provide a complete and balanced interpretation of the facts - quickly, clearly and concisely.

    Release date: 2000-06-15
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