Canadian Culture in Perspective: A Statistical Overview - ARCHIVED

Tables: 87-211-X


The third edition of Canadian culture in perspective: a statistical overview, provides a comprehensive statistical portrait of the health and vitality of cultural activities and industries in Canada. This compendium incorporates data from all surveys in Statistics Canada's Culture Statistics Program, as well as data from other internal and external sources, enabling readers to track various themes and trends over time.

This edition contains sections on: the economic impact of the culture sector, culture activities by tourists and the international trade position of the culture sector; on social dimensions of culture, including characteristics of the cultural labour force, philanthropic behaviour, and the consumers of cultural goods and services; and on various sectors such as heritage, the performing arts and festivals, visual arts and libraries. It also explores ownership and content issues in the culture industries (publishing, film, broadcasting and music).


This product has been discontinued. The last issue of this publication was published December 2000. Data tables for culture surveys are available through the publication Guide to Culture Statistics, Catalogue no. 87-008-G. The Survey of Government Expenditures also has tables through CANSIM; tables 505-0003 and in the Summary tables section (free) for selected culture surveys.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Every 2 years
Available formats: PDF (discontinued), Paper (discontinued)