The Canadian Police Performance Metrics Framework: Standardized indicators for police services in Canada

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This Juristat article provides an overview of the Canadian Police Performance Metrics Framework. A performance metric is a measurable value that serves as an indicator of how effectively an organization is achieving its key objectives. In policing, a broad spectrum of responsibilities exist ranging from law enforcement, emergency response and crime prevention, to providing assistance to victims and collaborating with external agencies.The information presented in this article represents the results of a review of the literature on measuring police performance, an examination of how Canadian police services are currently using data in public performance reports, and the results of a consultation of Canadian police services on data availability and information needs. The article also includes preliminary results of a pilot project of the feasibility of collecting uniform calls for service data from Canadian police services.

Issue Number: 2019001
Author(s): Mazowita, Ben; Rotenberg, Cristine

Main Product: Juristat

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