The Changing Face of Heart Disease and Stroke in Canada 2000 - ARCHIVED

Journals and periodicals: 82F0076X


Heart disease and stroke are major causes of illness, disability and death in Canada and they exact high personal, community and health care costs. The goal of The changing face of heart disease and stroke in Canada, the fifth in a series of reports from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Surveillance System (CHSSS), is to provide health professionals and policy makers with an overview of current trends in risk factors, interventions and services, and health outcomes of heart disease and stroke in Canada.

Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Choi, B; Collins-Nakai, R; Hill, M; Hutchison , S; Johansen, Helen; Lemay, Rock; Moore, R; Nair, Cyril; O'Loughlin, J; Paradis, G; Walsh, P; Wielgosz, A.T.
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