Health Human Resources and Education: Outlining Information Needs - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 81-595-M2006041


Through research and consultation, Statistics Canada was asked to investigate the availability of data to measure the infrastructure of health programs in educational institutions and the flow of individuals through these programs and into health occupations.

This document marks the first stage in this project. Based upon nation-wide consultations, it lays out a conceptual framework and outlines a set of questions about health education, the individuals pursuing health education, the flow of individuals through health education, and the factors which affect that flow. The outline will enable the identification of information that is needed to support efficient and effective decisions and policies about health education programs and health human resources management.

Issue Number: 2006041
Author(s): Allen, Mary; Ceolin, Rita; Ouellette, Sylvie; Plante, Johanne; Vaillancourt, Chantal
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PDFApril 24, 2006