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This article presents an analysis of Census at School survey results that shows what students themselves had to say about their reading and associated daily habits. It was written by Statistics Canada analysts as an example to students of the type of detailed analysis that can be made using Canadian Census at School results. The article uses data that were collected from over 22,000 students across Canada during the 2004-2005 academic year. Census at School is an international classroom project that teaches students aged 8 to 18 about statistical enquiry and census-taking. Students anonymously fill in an online questionnaire about themselves - their height, time use, eating habits and much more - and then use their class results to learn statistical concepts, practice data analysis and explore social issues. Their responses also become part of national and international project databases that are used for teaching statistics.

The Census at School statistical literacy project is not an official Statistics Canada survey conducted under the Statistics Act. Schools; students participate on a voluntary basis and the data collected are not representative of Canada's student population. This is clearly stated with the summary Canadian results that are made available on the project website for the benefit of participating students.

Issue Number: 2005005
Author(s): Shipley, Lisa
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HTMLFebruary 28, 2006